About the IRC 2A Defense Coalition

      We are a team of like-minded Patriots and Conservatives residing in Indian River and surrounding Counties in Florida.  We are pro-active on 2nd Amendment issues.  Our Team was successful collecting petitions, presenting information to and obtaining the Indian River County Board of Commissioners’ approval and unanimous declaration of July 13, 2021 that Indian River County is now the 45th Second Amendment Sanctuary County in Florida.  We are actively working with other Florida 2nd Amendment organizations to have the State of Florida declared to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary State having 44 other Sanctuary Counties as our state team.

Notable Quotes from Others:

It’s important to know who is fighting hard to advance the cause of liberty.  As I say to every group that has hosted me as a speaker, I am one person. I don’t speak for gun owners, I simply try to amplify their voices. We are all in this together. Our national motto is “E Pluribus Unum – Out Of Many, One.  I take that to heart.

Also, you have the Indian River County Florida 2nd Amendment Defense Coalition.  Another local no-nonsense group of Floridians that are proud gun owners and fighting the good fight on the local level.

A Who’s Who In Florida’s Fight for Constitutional Carry.

Luis Valdes, Florida Director for Gun Owners of America.

February 9, 2022