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2nd Amendment Defense Coalition of

Indian River County, Florida


Dear Sheriff Flowers,

We the members of the Indian River County Second Amendment Defense Coalition write to Commend You regarding your decision to maintain AR-15 rifle capability in the SRO’s response equipment and to inform our fellow Citizens of this measure being taken to better safeguard our children attending schools in our County.

 A couple of recent news reports have given us reason to contact you personally to voice our Opposition to the statements of the local media elitist and some mis-informed School Board members and to put in writing our Support of your actions to defend our children while they are in school.  Despite another armed school defense poison-piece from know-it-all Ray McNulty, and disparaging comments from my-feelings-have-been-hurt School Board members Barenborg and Jones, We Stand Fully Behind Our Sheriff.

 Contrasting the cliquey local groupthink that you are somehow spilling state secrets, you have instead sent a powerful message to potential school shooters – you had better think hard twice, and then twice more before you decide to commit violent acts at our schools as our Indian River County law enforcement officers will respond immediately and effectively to terminate your actions.

 It is well known that “It takes a Good guy (or gal) with a gun to Stop a Bad guy with a gun”.  We fully agree with your statements regarding the Uvalde and Parkland law enforcement responses that the school children’s deaths were unacceptable and that our Deputies, under your instructions, in stark contrast to the flawed and politically-correct-decision-making processes at Parkland and Uvalde, are to go in directly to the threat and not wait.  With AR-15 capability aboard, our Good Guys and Gals SROs can Stop the Bad guy at the beginning of an attack where the shooter knows he will cause the most deaths.  

 These are very good decisions, Sir, the kind that defeat out-of-touch-with-reality, politically-correct solutions which provide no real protection of our children while at school.

 May we thank you again for your strong support of our Second Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution approved by the IR County Commissioners on July 13, 2021?  This mostly symbolic but very important declaration affirms that our Citizens, our County Commissioners and our Sheriff are dedicated to defending our People and our Rights from those who would willingly do harm to both. 

 You have our deepest appreciations for your actions.  Indian River County is very fortunate to have you as our Sheriff.  We’ll work on fixing our current School Board’s mis-informed thinking about the tenents of effective school defense – with truthful information, and with our votes.


Sincerely and for the Team,



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Jeff Mosesso                                                                        Lamarre Notargiacomo
Second Amendment Activities Technician                              Founder and Team Spokeswoman
Former Sheriff’s Volunteer Special Deputy V-76                     IRC 2nd Amendment Defense Coalition
Veteran, US Navy Submarine Service


Cc:     Joseph Flescher                 Joseph Earman                 
Rep. Erin Grall           Sen Debbie Mayfield
Joann Binford                      Dr. Karen Hiltz
Robert Brackett                   Dr. Gene Posca
Thomas Kenny           Jacqueline Rosario
Linda Anselmini